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Here is The Puppy and then me and then The Puppy again and again and again.  Yes, I love my dog.  Maybe a little too much.  Nah, that's not possible. : )  I will add some more pictures of The Puppy soon.  I have a million of them!

Some have asked how I got into this mess in the first place.  Beadmaking, I mean.  Well, it went a little something like this........

I first became addicted to beads through seed beads.  You know, those itsy-bitsy teenie-weenie miniscule glass beads from places like Japan and Czechoslovakia.  I started off by buying hanks and hanks of the Czech beads and then moved on to the tubes of Japanese beads.  I happily wove my way through at least a kazillion of these little dudes and then I discovered the delica beads.  Oh my gosh.  They were like Borg perfection.  But MAN!  Those little things were expensive at my local bead shop.  And the selection was nothing to crow about either.  So, I turned to the internet for assistance.  I ordered catalogs.  I subscribed to magazines.  It was in one of those magazines that I saw lampwork beads.  The magazines and the internet gave me so much to sort through to find the beads I needed.  It was natural that in my searches I would stumble upon a lampworking bead site.  I think the first lampworking site I went to was www.smartassglass.com (Sharon Peters site)  - I mean, if this url came up on your search results....you would click it, wouldn't you?  I looked at this site (and laughed until I cried) and I saw some other lampwork sites soon after that and I thought....hmmm, those would be nice to use as a clasp on one of my insanely detailed and mathematically precise amulet purses.  If you don't know what an amulet purse is ....well, it is like a bag made out of bead fabric.  The bead fabric is woven bead by bead.  It takes an unreasonable amount of time, patience and keen eyesight to make.  Now, at this point, I didn't want to actually make these beads myself, I just wanted to buy them.....or so I thought.

Soon after the seed bead addiction was waning I got started buying rather large quantities of czech glass beads of the bigger variety.  I liked the shapes, the bright colors and I especially liked the ones that were more than one color in a bead....I think its called givre or something like that.  Anyway, while searching for more and more czech beads, (I was also buying the odd beanie baby here and there at the time - which, of course, means ebay!) I fell in love with one seller's wonderful way of putting together mixes of different czech beads  of the same color family or what have you.  Every day I would see what she had to offer and I would bid like a mad woman.  I acquired  MANY of her beads.  MANY.  During these searches on ebay,  I stumbled upon those dang lampwork beads again.  And, at the time, the bidding on lampwork beads was even hotter than for the beanie babies or even my beloved czech mixes!!!  But...ohhhhh...the colors.  The wondrous and captivating colors.  I needed these beads in my life somehow.  I did MUCH more research on lampwork beads.  I even found a book in the library.  Making glass beads by Cindy Jenkins.  I did more research.  I found a place not far away that gave classes....That was it. I knew what I needed to do.  I took my first class in January of 2002.  I was in love.  All I did for over three months was acquire the many, many items needed to set up a lampworking studio and by April 2002 I was SET!  For the next three months, my family doesn't really know where I was.  I never left the torch.  I couldn't sleep without dreaming bead dreams.  I wound molten glass around a mandrel in my sleep, in the shower, in the car, my mind was at one with the glass.  Little did I know it was finding its way into my very essence.  I have no doubt that glass will always be with me in some way from now until I leave this earth.   

Welcome to Loriland, located in sunny San Jose, California!  

It's all about the beads, Baby!

Ok, so in this first photo you see my beadmaking area, complete with kiln, computer controller for the kiln, lots of lighting, Nortel Minor torch with super-neat marver from Razberribeads attached, my tool tray, super comfy drafting chair, stringers, glass, leather elbow cushions, water quenching can, marble work surface, and Oakland A's finger.  All of these items are very important to the beadmaking process, I assure you.

In this photo you can see my rolling Craftsman carts where I store the majority of my glass rods.  They are arranged in typically obsessive compulsive ROY G BIV order, of course.  Also, notice my portable air conditioner which is very handy during the summer.  My torching glasses are on my seat and you can also see jars of frit, my fiber blanket and some dipped mandrels along side of a picture of my booboobunny, Desiree.  Also very important to the beadmaking process is the green coffee cup with the ladybugs on it.  I love that cup.

Ok, this photo is pretty similar to the first one but here you can see my ventilation system (that thing sucks BIG TIME!) and my oxygen concentrator.

This is a picture of my photo set-up.  I got it on ebay from www.tabletopstudio.com look for their bead photo studio package.  It is wonderful!  Came with lots of doodads and whatchamacallits.  The lights are especially awesome.


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