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Kidlet Tutorial

Tips for head: 

in Step 2 - Try cased or striped stringer for hair - it looks great!

Step 4 - Poke tilting upward in the corner of each mouth to create a cute, cheeky grin.

Step 6 - Poke downward with a tungsten pick and it will give the kidlet a nose, almost.

Step 7 - After adding black dots for eyes, slightly flatten with a tool and pop into the kiln.

Tips for body:

Step 2 - alternately, you can squish it into a lentil shape or even a cube for more variety.

Step 4 - add one large dot for each hand and two smaller stacked dots for each foot

Step 5 - make sure everything is melted in sufficiently because there is nothing sadder than a kidlet with one foot missing.  Trust me on this one.  :o) 

Congrats!  You're done!  You now have your very own kidlet!   Wire them up on a headpin and you've got yourself a nifty little pendant!

Lots of people have asked what I use to make the smile so here is what I use most often.  Don't lose hope if you can't find one of these tools, though!  Lots of things can be used so keep your eyes open for stainless steel stuff that might do the trick!  I've used small chisels and hollow tubing, too.